The topics that will be discussed at the Congress are below. Papers will be accepted in the framework of these headings and topics following the double blind peer review.

  1. Health Challenges in Africa and the Way Forward
  • Key Health Challenges in Africa: Disease, Epidemics, and History of Epidemics
  • Politics, Infrastructure, Human, Service and Finance
  • African States: Successes and Room for Improvement
  • Addiction in Africa and Addressing Addiction
  • Are New Strategies Possible in Addressing the Problems?
  1. Modernization, Globalization and Health in the African Context
  • Traditional Medicine in Africa
  • Global Companies and Africa’s Resources
  • Brain Drain in the Health Sector
  • Medicinal Technology and Sustainable Health Services in Africa
  • The Effects of Modernization on African Health
  • Globalization and Africa: Threats and Opportunities
  1. Africa and Humanitarian and Healthcare Aid
  • Africa and Aid Dependency
  • Intergovernmental Coordination Problems
  • Joint Strategy Opportunities Among Organizations: Competition or Collaboration?
  • The Success of African CSOs and their Potential
  • Experiences of Humanitarian Aid Organizations in Africa
  1. Health Education in Africa
  • The Development of Health and Health Literacy
  • Healthcare Professions and Medical Education: Similarities and Differences
  • Student Exchange Programs as a Solution for Medical Education
  1. The Organization of Health in Africa
  • Health Policies and Issues of Access to Healthcare
  • Public Health Organizations in Africa
  • Private Health Approaches in Africa and their Future
  • Reimbursment Approaches and Social Security Institutions in Africa
  1. Turkey and Africa
  • Turkey’s Changing Africa Approach
  • Turkish Institutions and Organizations in Africa: What we do?
  • Perceptions of Africa in Turkish Academia: Approaches and Studies
  • Turkey in the African Perspective